Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1/35 DML Indian Army BMP-1

1/35 Soviet's in Afghanistan-BTR-70 Diorama-DML

PT-76B Build Log

Hello, Finally this weekend I cracked open my Trumpeter BT-76B box and started assembling the hull and turret. It seems like an easy build and fairly straight forward. But I have not decided on what settings I am going to place the vehicle in. Possibly Soviet settings or Chechnyan setup . The setup I have in mind is the moment before the get inside the water but with the hatch open and the gunner and commander talking to another soldier on the ground. Also planning to place another vehicle behind (BRDM-2,UAZ-469 or BMP-1 ). Any suggestions??

Thursday, February 6, 2014


1/72 Early models -Contd...

Some of my Early 1/72 Models (Brush painted)

Obsessive modelling disorder

Since my childhood I had this liking for Soviet war machine and I liked them for their fire power and ruggedness. I got exposed to more information and pictures during the advent of internet. The more pictures and videos I saw, the more I liked them.But I never knew what plastic modelling was for a very long time. Back in 2005 I was so bored I ventured into a hobby store in a mall and immediately I was drawn to this 1/72 MiG-25 kit.Can't remember what make it is even now as i threw away the box. I didn't even know the difference between a model and a toy airplane at that time. I thought it will look good on my table top. Bought a tube of glue and hobby knife , some brushes and basic colors as per the guy who was there. That whole package was sitting unopened for the next year or so until my wife got so bored one winter and started putting together the kit and started painting. So my modelling madness was started by my wife in a way and I am glad she did start it. When she finished the kit I had this aha moment and immediatly I thought this is going to be my first hobby from this point on. And 7 year later my man cave is filled with all kind of soviet/Russian models in all possible scales and genre. In this 7 years I have evolved from a modeller with a patience of a fly (In the beginning all I focused on was to finish it faster .So lots of sloppy work) to a modeller who wanted to attain enlighten through Zen state of mind and perfection. (Still I bounce back and forth between two mediums time to time). Definitely my skill level in modelling increased (By no means I am good, still) by tryin to mimic others work and asking silly questions in forums (And the credit goes to ARC ,Armora,Hyperscale and Missing-lynx) . What started out as a hobby has become a life long obsession. So I stop modelling when ever I realize this hobby slowly taking control of my life. As we all know ,we do have other priorities in life (Family, Job, Kids etc).But every time come back I do come back with more rigor and Zeal than the last time. I think most of the modellers can relate to my experice. So I would like to use this forum to publish my models and get feedback and also help any new modellers with techniques and tips. I am not a Rivet counter and I am not planning on becoming one anytime soon. So please share your work with me as well and won't judge you. What I have on the bench right now ? 1.1/35 Trumpeter PT-76B 2.1/48 Trumpeter MiG-23MF 3.1/35 Trumpeter SA-6 Gainful Lately I have been drawn more towards diorama building . I will post some of my work in my subsequent posts. Hope to contribute and get refined in this hobby. Regards Kev